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ResellerOS is a Next Generation Revenue Operating System for Value Added Resellers

A Next Generation
Revenue Operating System
for IT Value Added Resellers

We power more efficient, more profitable reseller revenue operations that deliver better vendor and customer relationships.

IT Reseller Sales and Operations Teams Face Key Challenges With Existing RevOps Tools

CPQ Systems Are Not Designed For Resellers

CPQ systems are hard to set up and administer. They lack integrations with 100s of vendors, don't focus on profitability metrics out of the box, and require too much manual effort by users. They're built for companies that sell their own software, hardware and services. Not for you!

Deal Reg Is A Necessary Evil That No One Has Solved

Managing deal registrations is complex, requiring logins to 100s of vendor portals, gathering unique form requirements, and manual data entry. As a result, most companies don't do it at-scale, leaving deals unprotected, losing out on vendor mindshare, and forfeiting valuable incentives. 

Multi-Vendor Quoting Is A Miserable Experience

Requesting vendor quotes, copying and pasting data, checking, double-checking, and adjusting prices takes way too much time and effort to grow profitably. The more vendors on a quote the harder it gets to keep it all straight...and profit margins and rebates get lost in the chaos.

Order Processing And Asset Management Is Too Manual

Generating purchase orders, tracking order statuses, and entering asset data is time consuming and error-prone, resulting in missed opportunities and lost revenues. Worse yet, most resellers' salespeople don't have visibility into end-of-life upgrade opportunities or renewals.

“Quoting hasn't gotten easier
over the last 12 years."

Chairman and CEO/Founder
Top 100 Solution Provider
CRN 2023

ResellerOS Is A Quantum Leap 
For IT Value Added Resellers

ResellerOS enables technology resellers to sell and service customers faster than ever before, while protecting deals and capturing more vendor incentives.

Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, ResellerOS was built for resellers; saving time, reducing errors, and increasing efficiency. That means more revenues, higher margins, and better data to drive decisions. 

  • Accelerate revenue

  • Increase margins

  • Gain valuable insights

  • Reduce overhead costs

  • Grow faster by working smarter
    (Way smarter!)

ResellerOS is a Quantum Leap for VARs
Quotes AI screen
QuotesAI from ResellerOS

Any Vendor. Every Product.


  • Build a quote from any vendor, any distributor, or your own internal services, without copy and paste. 

  • Bundle, price and profit with easy bundling across vendors, applying pricing and adjusting margins to generate a quote.

  • Validate contract pricing to ensure your quotes are in line with GSA, SEWP, or other contract vehicles, and with your target margins.

  • Categorize products on the fly to drive tax coding and reporting requirements.

  • Gain visibility into rebate revenue opportunities to drive additional dollars.

  • Protect every deal and make better decisions by gaining access to rich deal registration data that drives vendor management strategy.

  • Register with multiple vendors automatically without logging in, and say goodbye to copy and paste.

  • 100s of vendor forms natively in Salesforce for simple administration of vendor requirements without custom configuration.

  • Communicate seamlessly with configurable Chatter alerts to align alliances, sales and management.

DealRegAI from ResellerOS

Deal Registration On Autopilot.


Orders & Assets Home

Smarter Order Operations.
Streamlined Renewals & Upgrades.

Orders & Assets AI screen
Orders & AssetsAI from ResellerOS

Orders & AssetsAI

  • Automate creation of sales orders and vendor purchase orders, including split orders, to generate the documents you need to get orders moving.

  • Streamline order updates so you can stop monitoring the inbox and automate manual updates to your CRM.

  • Automate asset tracking and streamline renewal quoting by generating assets and IDs in your CRM so you have the data you need for renewal quotes. 

  • Gain visibility into end-of-life hardware upgrades before your clients do, so you can be proactive with sales and support for their business.

"You're solving every major problem resellers face!"


Top 500 Solution Provider

CRN 2023

Why ResellerOS? Home

Why ResellerOS?

ResellerOS is an advanced revenue operating system designed specifically for resellers, offering intelligent automation tools to simplify processes, maximize profitability, and accelerate growth.


Born from the expertise and experience of a longtime CRM systems integrator company, ResellerOS was created to solve the problem of helping resellers scale and grow more easily despite a more complex and convoluted vendor landscape.

Our team has worked with VARs and SIs for over 15 years. Here are a few that might look familiar.

Join Our Early Adopter Program

We're looking for a few smart resellers that know they could be more profitable and grow more efficiently, if they just had the right systems in place. Here are a few good reasons to partner with us now.
Early Adopter Pricing


As an Early Adopter (EA) you're investing your knowledge, time, and valuable feedback, so we'll save you some money (beyond the overhead savings, rebate identification, increased hardware upgrades, dramatic reduction in manual effort, etc). Join our EA  program and receive a sizable discount off of platform licenses and enhancements.


Shape The Future


Help us evolve the platform in ways that benefit you directly. Your requests become features now, and you help shape our roadmap for the future. We've got big plans for ways to power your growth and profitability, and we want to partner with you!


Done For You (DFY) management of new vendor onboarding, form updates, advanced automation, Chatter workflows, and vendor data updates. Think of it as "RevOps in a Box"...all you have to do is sell and service your customers!

Let us know you're interested.

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